The Hercules Engine News

| March/April 2001

20601 Old State Road Haubstadt, Indiana 47639

Have you ever been puzzled about the main bearings in the small block (3 inch bore) Hercules-related engines? The following story and pictures will help explain it all. The main engine casting has two cavities for the location of the main bearings as shown in the first picture.

When the appearance is like this, it causes some to immediately think that it originally had poured main bearings. Not soor only half so. Only a babbitt liner is poured into that cavity. It provides the location for a replaceable bearing insert.

The second picture shows the babbitt bearing liner as poured at the factory in place. Occasionally someone will mistakenly chop that liner out, or it may have been melted out of an engine that has been in a fire. This causes a real problem, but read on, there is a simple solution.

The third picture shows two views of the replaceable bearing insert. These are currently available from several suppliers. It may be necessary to trim or scrape a little to get a good fit.

The fourth picture shows the bearing insert in place.