The Hercules Engine News

| July/August 1999

20601 Old State Road, Haubstadt, IN 47639

Do you remember the June 1992 issue of Gas Engine Magazine? That was the first issue of GEM to have the Hercules Engine News column in it. That was seven years ago. Since then the column has appeared in all but a couple of issues because of missed deadlines.

It has been an interesting and rewarding experience to hear from so many people about their Hercules and related engines. It has also been a learning experience. Many new and unknown little features or other tidbits of info have turned up. New literature has turned up.

The June 1992 issue featured a picture of a Hart Parr tractor that apparently was taken from advertising material of that time; however, that won't be the subject of this column.

In that first story a 6 HP model D Economy tank cooled engine was shown. That still is the only one that I have actually seen. I have heard of a couple of others, but they did not have all the original equipment. Their where about is currently unknown. I did receive copies of literature that shows the parts peculiar to the tank cooled. I also have a copy of the cart plans and the buzz saw setup for these.

Construction of the Hercules Gas Engine Company buildings started early in 1913; they were complete and equipped so that, according to newspaper articles, the first engines were produced the week of January 19, 1914. It is not clear as to whether these were actually the Hercules-built D models or the assembly of the last of the Sparta type Economy engines.