The Hercules Engine News

| January/February 1999

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There are many questions that get asked in the process of restoring and rebuilding of engines in the Hercules family. Here are a few of them.

A reader built a cart for his Hercules engine using the information given on page 28 of the October 1997 issue of GEM. His question was, 'What color should it be painted?'

There are only a few colored illustrations to go by in the literature. Apparently the cart frame and axles were red with green wheels to match the engine color. Some would say that the wheels should be black. For an Economy engine cart, the frame and axles are red and the wheels are black. What shade of red is used? Make it simple. Go to the local True Value hardware store and get X-O Rust #T-5 IHC Red.

The writer of a recent letter told about his model T Thermoil engine. In his concluding remarks he said in effect, 'I guess that the color is red like the Economy engines.' Here is where the surprise comes. The original paint color on them was sort of a lime-olive green. A friend suggests that Musk Green as used on 1972-74 Fiat cars is a good match. I had some parts from a 5 HP #935 and they were a green color. All of the later model U and UA Thermoils were red.

A recent phone caller was looking for the governor spindle for a 6 HP model CA Sparta Economy. He had the part but it was broken. Those parts are rather hard to find. I suggested that he braze the old parts back together.