| January/February 1971

Rusty veterans

Courtesy of Hisle Lutes, Winchester, Kentucky 40391.

Hisle Lutes

Kentucky 40391

In the five years that I have been interested in Antique gas Engines, and have been reading the G.E.M., I have not noticed any mention or pictures of one Hagan Gas Engine. Inasmuch as the Hagan is the favorite of my collection and was manufactured in the town I live in, and because of the unusual carburetor that distinguishes the Hagan from any other Gas Engine that I know of, prompts me to pass on to the readers of G.E.M. some information and pictures of this old relic.

The Hagan was manufactured here in Winchester. Ky., by the Hagan family first about 1898 by L. T. and C. Hagan, two brothers, and later under the name of The Hagan Gas Engine and Manufacturing Company until about the time of World War I. I don't know just how accurate my history on the Company is (dales and such) and so until and if I have better information on this, I will dwell on the mechanics of the engine itself.

Except for the carburetor the engine was of usual design for the times. Make and break ignition, not hit or miss but firing on every compression stroke of the piston, Fire furnished for starting by battery and to run by mag. and spark coil. The intake and exhaust valve were activated by a rocker arm horizontal to and under the center of the cylinder. The rocker arm shaft was activated and timed by a cam and cam shaft turned by a gear drive off the crank shaft.

Traction Engine from fourteen to fifty horsepower.

My efforts to recreate an old Hagan Gas Tractor.