The Gasoline Traction Engine For General Farm Purposes

| May/June 1966

  • Oil Pull, Red River Separator Tractors'
    Courtesy of Mr. W. C. Kuhl, Jr., 464 So. 5th. St., Sebewaing, Michigan 48759.
    Mr. W. C. Kuhl Jr.
  • Utah One cylinder gas engine
    Courtesy of Floyd Zollinger, R. R. 1, B. 159, Logan
    Floyd Zollinger
  • Illinois 1925 15-27 Model D
    Courtesy of Clarence Russ, Box 11, Cedarville
    Clarence Russ
  • Huber Super 4 Tractor
    Courtesy of Edward F. Axthelm, Route 1Box 198, Cardington, Ohio 43315.
    Edward F. Axthelm

  • Oil Pull, Red River Separator Tractors'
  • Utah One cylinder gas engine
  • Illinois 1925 15-27 Model D
  • Huber Super 4 Tractor

This article was sent to us by O. M. Fredrich, 131 Parkview Trailer Court, Minot, North Dakota (Mr. Fredrich received permission from the editor, William H. Kircher, of THE FARMER for us to re-print this in our Gas Engine Magazine).

Taken from THE FARMER, Dated November 1, 1907

There has always been a great demand on the farm for more and better labor saving machinery. And, perhaps, no other machine, recently invented, has done so much to take the drudgery out of farm life as has the gasoline engine. Its popularity on the farm becomes evident when we consider how fast it is replacing the other sources of power on the farm.

The first sources of power used on the farm were the old fashioned windmills, tread mills, and horse powers. Then later on, came the steam traction engine and at the present we have the gasoline traction engine; and it is fast displacing steam and horses on the farm.

For hauling loads on the road, the value of the gasoline engine cannot be overestimated. When going up or down hill there is no water to run to the ends of the boiler and leave the tubes or crown sheet bare and thereby cause them to burn out. The weight is evenly distributed on the wheels so that when going up hill, under a heavy load, the engines does not rear up in front as a steam engine sometimes does.

In seeding, the gasoline engine has the advantage over a steam engine in that it is so much lighter. It does not pack the soil as h a r d and has no tender to haul around the field which would help to further pack the soil.


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