The Fuller & Johnson Model N & K Engines

| November/December 1971

Route 1, Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin 53578.

This is another in a series of short articles about the Fuller & Johnson Company and the engines they built. This particular article will be concerned with the F & J Model N and K engines; also, will give a little information about the F & J 32 Volt light plant.

As most GEM readers know, several years ago I obtained the original records of the Fuller & Johnson Company of Madison, Wisconsin. Since then I have become interested in the company and the various engines built by them. Therefore, I have been doing some research trying to learn more about them.

In an earlier article I covered the double efficiency F & J, which was their first hopper-cooled engine. These were very heavy and were well built engines. However, to meet their competition they had to build a lighter and less expensive engine to market. Thus, they came out with the Model N engine, and later the Model K.

The Model N engine actually came out on May 8, 1912, starting with about Serial No. 7800. These first ones were called the Peoples Price engines. It was first called the Model N on June 20, 1913. Basically, the Peoples Price engines were just like the Model N except the flywheels were heavier and had the bolted hub on them. The People's Price engines were built in 1?, 2? and 4

HP sizes. The VA HP is the only one which was different from the cype N. These were really quite different--anyone who has one is fortunate as they are real old and few were built. They began to call these Peoples Price engines the Model N, and they were available in 1?, 2?, 4, 6, 8 and 10 HP; some of the sizes coming out at different times.