The Five and Two Engine

| April/May 2001

9531 Lost Forest Drive Richmond, Virginia 23237-4005

I was to take one of my engines to a show after work one day. The trailer was in the parking lot. A guy that did construction work for me asked about the engine. Into the conversation he told me how he would cut wood for the stove as a child. He also said he thought the engine was still at his father's house, and asked if I was interested in it.

Of course, my answer was yes.

As time went on, his father's health was beginning to fail. For a few years I would ask about his father and then the engine. All the while I was told that I would end up with the engine.

Eventually his father did pass away. I almost gave up hope that I would ever see the engine.

One afternoon he and I went to a job site he was doing for me. Then, instead of going back to my office, we went to his father's estate. As we pulled into the long and overgrown drive and went past the house, there sat a David Bradley garden tractor and an International Harvester Cub.