The First One's The Best One

| November/December 1989

10634 Oakford Union Lake, Michigan 48085

If you remember me from my last story, you will recall that I and my family got indoctrinated into the wonderful world of gasoline engines and everything that goes with them. Of course seeing someone else restore one or watching someone else run one isn't the same thing as finding, restoring, running, and showing your own. This is definitely not something that falls into the category of a spectator sport. So the first decision was easy-we're going to get an engine!

Great, says the wife-what kind, how big, where are you going to put it, and (this is the big one!) how much will it cost?

No problem here-any kind, any size, anywhere I want, and however much it takes!! Bet you can't guess who doesn't do the checkbook around here.

And so our quest for an engine began-Mason, Michigan; Kalama-zoo, Michigan; Findlay, Ohio; Buckley, Michigan-Gee Hon' we still don't have an engine we can call our own yet. Of course by now we have been exposed to big ones and little ones, green ones and red ones, pop-pop-pop ones and hit-n-miss ones, and expensive ones and no cheap ones. This is really starting to get discouraging. But by now we are starting to weed out a few-sideshafts are too expensive-Maytags are noisy and smelly-anything over 5 HP requires a commercial trailer with electric brakes and a garage equipped with a crane.

Of course we did find some we could afford-this one is only $250 and only needs a mag, head, mixer, and one flywheel-here is one for only $1000 and all it needs is a mag whose name I have never heard of and a bracket that even Rube Goldberg couldn't improvise. Besides, if we spent $ 1000 on something that didn't run instead of replacing the refrigerator that died-oh well, you know.