| November/December 1967

4 Hp. Gade

Courtesy of Ron Magnuson, Good Hope, Illinois 61438

Ron Magnuson

1615 San Francisco St., San Antonio, Texas 78201

On page 33 of the Sept-Oct. 1967 GEM, is that long, informative story, 'Information on Gas Engines', by Virgil Gerdes, Route 4, Morrison, Illinois 61270. I would like to comment on several parts of his story, favorably, but I am pressed for time now.

In the last paragraph of Virgil Gerdes letter, found on page 36 of the above issue, is his question as to what type his early Fairbanks-Morse 4 Hp. engine is. The first engine he describes is undoubtedly, the horizontal, hopper-cooled engine. I would say these engines, in 2, 4 and 6 Hp. sizes were put on the market around 1908 and 1909. At first, they (F-M Co.) did not advertise any type. I must include, also, the 1 Hp. 'Jack Junior', a horizontal hopper-cooled engine, which I believe the F-M Co. brought and put on the market, along with the 2-4 and 6 Hp. hopper-cools, about the same time and gave it no type number or letter either. Then, around 1909-10, the F-M Co. designated these engines as the type 'H', including the little 1 Hp. 'Jack Junior', which is quite differently designed than the larger 2, 4 and 6 Hp. sizes. At the same time the larger horizontal engines, sizes 5 Hp. up to 60 Hp. were designated the type 'N' engines. The 5 Hp. and the 8 Hp. sizes could be furnished either as hopper-cooled, or with the closed-jacket, or tank-cooled type. In 10 Hp. and up, they were all tank-cooled. At the time Virgil's 4 Hp. engine was sold, it was probably advertised as the 'Jack of All Trades' engine. Now, Virgil's second engine, a 2 Hp. patented 1899, may have to be a vertical engine, as the verticals were the early engines built by F-M Co. They were, at first, called the 'Jack of All Trades' engines, made in 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12 Hp. sizes. About the same time, around 1909-10, the vertical engines were designated the type 'T'. Since Virgil didn't state whether his engines in question, were horizontal or vertical, leaves me a little helpless. The 2 Hp. hopper-cools, were not built as early as 1899, as I get it. Might add, none of the Fairbanks-Morse engines were type 'M'. Any comments to this letter, please mail in to Anna Mae for publication.

My 1? Hp Associated Manufacturers 'Johnny Boy'.

A 3? or 4 Hp. Gade built by Gade Bros. Mfg. Co. of Iowa Falls, Iowa. It is air-cooled. It is hit and miss with igniter and magneto. Original bat. box, gas tank and trucks. Even original wood on trucks. Engine was never used outside. Used to run an inside elevator.

An 8 Hp. Olds built by Seager Engine Works of Lansing, Michigan. Hit and miss. Uses spark plug and bat and coil.