The Erixton Family Collection

| April/May 1999

P.O. Box 6, Wilmington, Vermont 05363

The first time I attended the annual Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Show at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center at White Springs, Florida, I was amazed at the display of working equipment and machinery, such as a corn husker, sheller, threshing machine, baler, and grist mills, and the display of antique tractors, gas and steam engines. (See 'Way Down Upon the Swanee River, There Is a Great Engine Show,' in May 1996 GEM, pages 20-21).

Invariably, when the question was asked to whom a piece of equipment belonged, the answer was, 'The Erixtons.' Last year, while attending the show, I was determined to meet the 'Erixtons.'

The family consists of Lee 'Dad' Erixton, Belva 'Mom' Erixton, and four sons, Bill, Mike, Gary, and Terry, who with their spouses and children form the Erixton family.

Most of the family resides in White Springs, Florida. The brothers arrange leave time from their regular employment to man the equipment at the annual show at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center. Gary is employed as a ranger at the Center.

It all began with 'Dad' and 'Mom' Erixton. The collection started when Dad, a retired farmer, attended a neighbor's auction about 15 years ago, and purchased a 10-20 McCormick-Deering tractor. With a grin that extended from ear to ear, Dad said, 'Made a mistake, the most foolish thing I ever did.'