The Edwards Motor Co. Of Springfield, Ohio

| November/December 1999

It is always a delight to spend time looking through issues of old magazines, particularly those from early in the twentieth century. One day, while in the 'library' at Stemgas (well, it's actually a few book shelves in an old warehouse), I came across this ad for the Edwards Motor Co. of Springfield, Ohio. As this was an altogether unfamiliar name to me, I went immediately to Wendel's American Gas Engines Since 1872, to see what I could learn.

No wonder I'd not heard the name. Only one model was produced (with an HP range of 1? to 6), and production continued for only a few years. The next step was an inquiry addressed to The Clark County Historical Society in Springfield. Here is what they were able to add:

'The Edwards Motor Company was incorporated in 1920 with a beginning capital stock of $60,000, although the first listing for the company actually occurred in the 1919 Springfield City Directory. They listed for the last time in the 1926 city directory.

'The factory moved three times, from 330 Bushnell Building to 504 Mitchell Blvd., to 1076 Kenton Street.

'The beginning officers were Charles L. Bauer, President, A. Y. Edwards, Vice President and General Manager, and Clarence M. Hollenbeck, Secretary-Treasurer.

'The company was always listed as manufacturing gasoline engines. It is not clear from the directories if the company closed or was bought out by The Bauer Brothers Company, which was owned and operated by Charles L. Bauer and his brothers.'