The Crusher

| September/October 1997

  • The International Crusher

  • The International Crusher

4660 Co. Road 134, St. Cloud, Minnesota 56303

Whenever I would see an LA or LB International engine with a pump jack attachment, I could see the potential for a can crusher.

LA's or LB's with the pump jack attachment are not that easy to find. I got lucky and was able to buy one at a fall 1995 auction in Hill City, South Dakota.

The engine was a l to 2 HP LB and in fair condition. The water hopper was about half full of lime scale and other crud. By using chemicals, I was able to clean the water hopper right down to the bare cast iron.

I ordered a new gas tank, valves, head gasket, crank and camshaft seals, a frost plug and a few more miscellaneous parts from Star bolt, and soon had the engine running well.

All the pump jack needed was a little welding on the shift lever, some new seals and a change of lubricant.