The Can Crusher I Built

| October/November 1999

Ward's dragsaw

J. E. Ewing

4183 E. 050th Road, Mendota, Illinois 61342

Noticing some interest in past issues of GEM regarding can crushers, these are pictures of the can crusher I built using 90% wood components-- the crank and connecting rod being fashioned from walnut, the rest of the unit made from pine.

Dowels used to hold the crank/connecting rod and piston were also of wood. The 3? inch shafts for the pulleys were turned on my lathe.

The crusher was exhibited for the first time this past year at the 111th DeKalb County Fair held in Sandwich, Illinois.

The crusher was belted to a New Idea 1? to 2? veri-speed engine. Approximately 8,000 cans were crushed during the five-day exhibit. The unit drew much interest and such comments were heard as: 'This guy must have too much time on his hands'; 'over-engineered, over-engineered'; and 'This has to be a grandpa idea.' We had a lot of fun with it and plan to exhibit it again.