The Buck Stops Here

| September/October 1992

1615 Brick Kiln lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40216

During his presidency, Harry Truman displayed a sign on his desk that declared: 'The Buck Stops Here.' Whatever happened on his 'watch' was his responsibility, and he would take care of it himself. A very commendable attitude, to be sure.

However, as you will see, the buck in this story falls in an entirely different category. He certainly didn't stop.

It's about 11 a.m. and Harry and I are hard at work this very pleasant morning, and our efforts seem to be progressing as they should. Our task at hand is one of connecting the new cooling tank to the 'Little Sister' well's 15 HP Reid engine. This well is a fully operational oil field rig in the proud possession of the West Virginia Oil and Gas Festival, and is operated during the festival each year.

Harry and I have been maintaining and operating this very popular exhibit for several years now and are, this day, in the process of installing new piping from the engine to the tank. We had, earlier in the morning, made a trip to the local hardware store and picked up everything we thought we would need.

The original wooden tank, used for cooling, had long ago deteriorated to the point where it would no longer hold water. The plastic tank which had replaced it was then installed inside the original, to make everything look authentic, but the plastic didn't last long, and called for a replacement this year.