| May/June 2001

  • Brown engine

  • Brown engine

Rt. 1, Box 18, Rosalie, Nebraska 68055

This engine was purchased from a friend of mine who had bought it out of a shed on a farm in Ohio. It is a Brown, 3 HP, 350 rpm, 700 lbs., serial number 1069. I purchased it in November 1972. All I got was the basic engine and a lot of rust.

It took a couple of years to get it restored. The colors I painted it were copied from a few small traces of paint that I found while cleaning it. But, I was never quite sure it was the original paint scheme.

The fuel tank was cast in the base, and the base, frame and cylinder were all cast in one piece. The belt pulley was cast right into the spokes of the flywheel. Very neat!

Again, information is very scarce. Most of my help came from Bill Hatchel of Willoughby, Ohio, and from John Wilcox of Pennsylvania. I was fortunate to get hold of an original advertising catalog on the Brown Gas and Gasoline Engine of the Johnson Company, Brown and Cochran Division of Lorain, Ohio. Although no date was inscribed on this catalog, in it was a parts drawing of the engine. This page was dated September 24, 1906.

Due to the bad farm economy in the 1980s, it was with deep regret that I had to sell this engine. I knew where it was ten years ago, but since have lost track of it.