The Blakeslee

| April/May 1996

953 I Lost Forest Drive Richmond, Virginia 23237.

This article is written on behalf of my father, Dale S. Stancliff.

On the way back from the Athens, Alabama, show in 1986, going to the Collinsville flea market, he needed gas very badly. The only gas station near was extremely high on the prices. When in desperation, though, you buy gas!

Dad was pulling a trailer of engines back home. After putting in only $5.00 worth of gas, the store owner inquired about the engines on Dad's trailer. Interested in the price given for each engine, he offered to show Dad 'something.'

He took him into a barn, then into a second room to look by a post drill, in a scrap pile! There he found an upright type engine. It appeared to be complete.

The gentleman asked if he ever saw anything like it. Dad replied that he hadn't but, never saw an engine he didn't want either. He asked the gentleman if he wanted to sell it. The man said no. Dad thanked him for his time and started to leave.