The Baker Line

A Peek Inside an A.D. Baker Co. Catalog, 1935

| October 2005


The A.D. Baker Co. was founded by Abner D. Baker in 1898, beginning with steam tractor manufacturing. When steam was deemed an inferior mode of power as opposed to gas engines, the company turned to building gas-powered tractors, eventually equipping them with LeRoi engines. The company also ventured into manufacturing threshing machines.

Baker prided itself by going above and beyond the expectations set by the Nebraska tractor tests, and claimed that each purchase of a Baker product would be "a reward of good judgement."

Very few of these tractors are with us today, most likely due to low production numbers and wartime scrap drives. Shortly after the Second World War, production ceased and the struggling company fizzled out and died.

The images on the next few pages come from an original 1935 A.D. Baker Co. catalog supplied to Gas Engine Magazine by Harley Crow of Carroll, Ohio.