The $26 Engine

| May/June 1991

  • 1HP Giant Rocker Arm

  • 1HP Giant Rocker Arm

801 Eastridge Dr., Lincoln, Nebraska 68510

The morning was cold, very cold. When I think about it, I really can't remember being so cold in all my life. What in the world possessed us to go to that sale in Central Nebraska in this winter weather was beyond me. All the same we had scraped a couple of holes through the ice on the windshield, and left at 4:30 a.m., half asleep, and headed west. Sale time was 9:00, so we had plenty of time to look things over when we arrived at the site.

A quart of hot coffee and three hours later we pulled in, parked the truck in a corn field and bundled up.

It looked right away like a good sale. Except for the northwest wind at 20 mph and a little snow falling, it might not be too bad. We donned insulated coveralls, parkas and five buckles and ventured out. Father-in-law and good friend, Morris Currie, who was with me (and at whose insistence I had come) mentioned how it was 'cold enough out here to freeze the bells off a brass monkey,' or something similar. I wholeheartedly agreed.

The engines at the sale ran the gamut from IHC LA, LB, all sizes of M's to John Deere Model E's. Fairbanks Morse, a Sattley, Monitor and Economy units were offered also in various sizes. Being relatively new to this hobby, I was very excited at the variety available and quietly lusted for the three horse JD E over on the end of the north row.

Lots of parts were on a flat bed near by and a few 'basket case, boat anchor' engines. Well, we looked at all the good stuff, had some more coffee to warm the insides, and thought we'd better check the trailer for that elusive 1 HP Giant rocker arm and governor latch I've been hunting for the past 15 years. We discovered a couple sets of trucks and a considerable pile of LB parts.