The 1973 Reunion of the Pioneer Gas Engine Association

| November/December 1973

204 Ball Road, Marion, New York 14505

We had 2-1/2 very good days for the show with however, 1/2 of Saturday raining very heavy. It didn't last long but made the rest of the day a fizzle. The dance at night pulled back the spirits of the members.

Friday was a very busy day even though many of us had to work at our regular jobs until late. Things were purring along very well, when 1 got there at six o'clock. There were more people coming in on Friday than we've had in previous years. Many displays were still being set up late Friday.

Saturday, things were going full force with Roland Reigle as Master of Ceremonies all through the show. Campers had come in the night and many flowed in during the day. The hillside was full.

Les Caves had belted up to the old stone crusher with a 22-40 Cross Engine Case and was turning out pebbles and dust while Dave Shearns dropped in large rocks.

Later, Glen Orbaker belted his A.D. Baker to Fred Walton's separator with a stacker and threshed some weedy wheat. A little later they went to oats. Both were a little wet.