| August/September 1987

52 cubic inch Fairbanks Morse

This photograph is of my 1948, 52 cubic inch Fairbanks Morse and Goulds New Pyramid simplex pump.

22 South Cane Court  Houma, Louisiana 70360

The engine and pump were purchased at different times in west Texas and mounted as a unit after restoration.

The engine had originally run on natural gas so it was necessary to fabricate a fuel tank and needle valve assembly for operation on gasoline. As I wanted to drive the pump from the crank side of the engine, it was necessary to make a mounting adapter to attach the V-belt pulley to the flywheel spoke mounts and still keep the shaft free from the crank.

It is not as old as a lot of engines, but it will run all day with no attention except for fuel.

I enjoy and admire the 'old iron' but admittedly it is getting harder to find, especially in this area. I am currently president of the Bayou Old Time Engine and Power Association of Louisiana and am getting more involved with the hobby.