| June/July 1989

Ryttarstigen 72, S-436 56 Hovos, Sweden

Some time ago I got a telephone call from a friend of mine Rune Haldorsson who told me about an old blacksmith shop on the Swedish west coast, where he had seen something that looked like parts from an old engine. He would be going back there later on to satisfy his own motorcycle interest. Was I interested? Of course I was. I am always interested when I hear about old engines.

On the scheduled day we met and drove the 25 miles to the old blacksmith shop. The man who owned the shop was a relative of the old blacksmith who had passed away some years ago. He showed us the shop-a little wooden house 15 by 10 feet with a heavy 9 foot long lathe in it and thousands of things in it, mostly on the floor. The blacksmith seemed to have been a collector of everything from Ford A engines to gunpowder, all in a fine mess.

Nevertheless, there was a loft above, which could be reached through a 30 by 35 inch door in one of the gables. The loft floor was covered with sawdust and it was only 4 feet up to the roof ridge, so I had to crawl on all fours.

I soon saw a crankcase from a 4 HP Fairbanks-Morse model T engine. After short while I found the cylinder with serial no. 69162 (perhaps 1908?). After an hour of crawling and digging in the sawdust, plus some more hours searching down in the shop, I had found most of the parts except flywheels, igniter, igniter rod, hot tube burner/chimney, start-fuel tank, throttle valve and crankhandle.

When the owner then told me that he had two big iron wheels in his barn (which happened to be the flywheels), it came to a deal.