A Pair of Early Stover Engines Type K

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| April/May 2011

Dave Meyer and his 1 HP Stover Engine Type K

Dave Meyer and his 1 HP Stover Engine Type K shipped to Kufohl Hardware Co., Wheaton, KS, on Jan. 5, 1910. The records show this was the 16th Type K engine shipped.

A couple of miles south of Freeport, IL, there is a scenic road that meanders through an idyllic, snow covered valley called Cranes Grove. The road climbs out of the glade, turns and follows the valley ridge south where a handful of farms overlook Cranes Creek. Two Stover engine collectors have adjacent farms on this road and I thought the description would add a little local color to the story. These fellows have a couple of engines that offer us another dose of Stover engine history.

A very early 1 HP Type K 

Dave Meyer owns Stover engine No. 1K17378, shipped to Kufohl Hardware in Wheaton, KS, on Jan. 5, 1910. This engine is the 16th 1 HP Type K hopper-cooled engine recorded by Stover. We say Type K because there was a small batch of 1 HP hopper-cooled engines called Type 1A that preceded and intermingled with the earliest Type Ks.

We assume the Type A was the pattern for the famous Type K. At this time, there is no Type 1A engine on the Stover engine registry (not to be confused with the earlier 2 HP Type A vertical Stover) although I have heard rumors of one in existence. There are less than 100 listed in the records.

While establishing where Dave’s Type K engine fit in the records, the Type 1A started showing up. In other words, Stover was shipping the Type A and Type K engines simultaneously.

The first Type A, No. 16719 was shipped to T.H. Pilter of Paris, France, on Nov. 2, 1909 and the first Type K, No. 17210 was shipped to Lindsay Bros, Minneapolis, MN, on Dec. 30, 1909. So in truth, Stover introduced their hopper-cooled engines in 1909. These numbers differ from some previously published data but since all the records have come together at the Silver Creek Museum in Freeport, more information has become available for research.