Story of a Victoriaville Gas Engine

| November/December 2000

  • Victoriaville gas engine

  • Victoriaville gas engine

110 Rue Vaucluse, Pont-Viau, Laval, Quebec, Canada H7G-2M1

I want to tell my story about my 6 HP Victoriaville gas engine, a hit and miss.

It was a nice summer day in 1967 in the province of Quebec, Canada. That morning I asked my wife for a ride in the country. After two hours on Highway 40 east, we arrived in St. Barnabe south. The fields were full of flowers and it was smelling so good. Suddenly, near an old barn, we saw something that looked like two gas engines. One was red and the other was faded green. We stopped to take a closer look. The farmer came and gave us some information about the engines. At that time, I did not know much about thorn. I bought the red one, because it looked better.

A few days later, I sent someone to pick it up. This heavy engine, weighing nine hundred pounds, was brought to my country farm in Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, and it stayed on my farm for thirty years without running. Someone had told me that it could be dangerous to start it, because we could injure ourselves.

After all those years, one day I asked my wife to help me start it. I filled the water tank, the gas tank and oiled the whole engine. Then, I asked my wife to push on the valves while I turned the big flywheels. Suddenly after a few tries, we heard a big noise. We were so surprised. It was an unbelievable moment full of happiness! We were listening and watching in silence. In fact, it was the sweetest mechanical music we ever heard!

Since that day, and after a few adjustments, I have started my hit and miss Victoriaville gas engine often, and it works wonderfully. I think I was very lucky to find an engine in such good condition.