Story of a Judson

| June/July 1986

5268 Green Gables Rd., NW Brainerd, Minnesota 56401

Inspired by Bob Elliot's photo of his C.S. Judson engine in the February 1986 issue of GEM, I am enclosing a couple of photographs of a Judson engine that was finally brought to the point of reasonable restoration in late summer, 1985.

This Judson (Stover) engine is a 7 HP throttle-governed engine equipped to run on gasoline or kerosene with water injection from the hopper. The bore is 6' and R.P.M. is 360. Some other features are a Webster magneto with self-starter and a 20' diameter clutch pulley. The serial number on the original name plate is RX89045 which, I believe, dates the engine at 1916 or '17.

This engine came to Minnesota from the vicinity of Wynyard, Saskatchewan, where it was owned by a gentleman by the name of Barry Stachyuk (my apologies for any misspellings). If Barry is a reader of GEM, it would be interesting to hear from him.

When I obtained the Judson a couple of years back, the carburetor was functional on one valve only, the igniter trip was jury-rigged, the fuel pump was 'shot' and two of the four piston rings were broken. Surprisingly, it would run! For a few minutes on gas from the starting tank, anyway.

The mentioned problems (and a few others) were taken care of in turn and a reasonable facsimile of the missing (as usual!) half-moon crank guard was shaped from a small trailer fender. All bearings and gears were in good condition.