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Final Finishing

| October/November 2002

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To start things off, I thought I'd take a moment to bring new readers of Gas Engine Magazine up to speed on where we get the material for these articles.

The Antique Tractor Internet Services (ATIS) Stationary Engine Mailing List is a free Internet mailing list. Questions and comments from subscribers to the list are sent in the form of e-mails, which are then electronically posted to every member of the list. With list members residing in countries around the world, someone is always at their keyboard no matter the time of day, and this means replies come in quickly. The wealth of knowledge (the width and depth are also pretty well plumbed!) that shows on the list is simply too good to miss out on just because one doesn't have a computer, and so this column was born.

Individual contributions, each marked with a bullet, come from the various list members, and it's my job to select a subject from the previous months' postings, gather relevant material and turn it into the articles you read here.

Some months a suitable subject is easy to spot, but this month was particularly difficult as the subjects ranged far and wide, covering insurance, recharging magnetos, shows, new acquisitions, plus a multitude of other engine related topics. I finally settled on a few different questions about engine finish.

And so on to the discussion that attracted my attention this month on the ATIS Stationary Engine Mailing List. As ever, the following comments reflect a variety of opinions that surfaced during this discussion.

I just brought home a Hercules 1- HP. It still has the original paint and decals on it. I cleaned it up with kerosene and it looks really nice when it's wet. Is there any way to give it a shiny finish and keep it that way?