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| July/August 2000

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I was getting a little worried this month about finding a suitable subject to take as this month's article. Winter restoration projects among the Northern Hemishpere members of the ATIS stationary engine internet mailing list have been reaching completion, with wonderful stories of engines coming back to life after decades of silence, while those in the Southern Hemisphere have been bringing home their new projects ready to work on over the winter 'down under.' There didn't seem to be much I could pass on to the readers of GEM, until this little question appeared:

What type lubricant is the best to use for honing?

The first set of answers were brief, but with a little prompting, I was soon swamped with information, and back to the old problem of reducing the quantity to a manageable size! To deal first with advice on lubricants for honing:

I was taught to use a light oil like power steering or automatic transmission fluid. It's cheap and you've always got some on hand.

I just use the lightest oil I have sitting around. Usually 30 weight.

It all depends on the hone type. My old Sunnen says dry on the first two sets of stones and lard on the finishing or polishing set. I would imagine each hone manufacturer has its own preferences.