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Terrors of Timing

| December/January 2003

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The signs of winter surround us. Our current engine projects have been reduced to small two-stroke engines that can be worked on indoors, rather than the big engine projects that must be accomplished outside. The season's last big sale, the Sodbury Sortout, will have come and gone by the time you read this, and I won't be surprised if my collection grows a little bit more - just to tide things over until the weather makes playing outside a pleasure again!

Internet thread topics are settling back into the normal pattern of 'help!,' 'what's this?' and 'how do I?' This month's topic is from the 'how do I?' variety and concerns a problem that came to light at one of this summer's antique engine shows.

I own a 1905 Model C 5 HP vertical Stover, and my buddy purchased a Model C vertical Stover this year at the LeLand Hauser auction. When my buddy's engine runs, it throws oil out around the openings on both sides of the crankcase. The engine is doing this because it's missing two cast iron cover plates that go on both sides of the crankcase. My engine has the same kind of parts, so I told him I'd remove and send the parts to him so he can cast them for his engine.

I easily removed the plate opposite of the timing gear side, but I have to remove the flywheel, flywheel weights, timing gear and the upper half of the main bearing to get the other plate off. I'm reluctant to remove the flywheel with the timing gear until I'm sure I know how to get it back in time. I've cleaned the large timing gear but haven't found any timing marks. Could anyone who owns an older Stover please tell me what - if any - timing marks I should look for on the timing gear and crankshaft gear?

The first response was very simple and straight forward.

Just make your own marks.