Sparta Engine: 40 Years an Anchor

The amazing rescue and restoration of a 1912 2 hp Sparta engine from the bottom of a lake.

| June/July 2017

1912 2 hp Sparta engine

Manufacturer: Holm's Machine Manufacturing Co., Sparta, MI
Year: Circa 1912
Serial Number: NA
Horsepower: 2 hp @ 450rpm
Bore & stroke: 4in x 6in
Flywheel: 22-1/4in
Weight: 550lb
Cooling: Hopper
Ignition: Igniter, coil and battery
Governing: Hit-and-miss

It was getting late and I was busy unloading our vehicles, but they said they were sure about it. So, I put my goggles on and jumped off the raft. Imagine my surprise: “It” was an engine, and it appeared to be complete with the mixer, muffler and igniter!

Ever since I was a kid, our family vacations have usually brought us to the Finger Lakes region of New York state. This was the third year we had rented this particular house on Canandaigua Lake, the fourth largest of the Finger Lakes, and our 2014 vacation started off like many others.

We had helped out at our local Wyoming County (Pike) Fair the week before our trip to the lake, mostly with the antique and farm displays. On the day we arrived at the lake, my daughters and stepson headed to the lake while my wife, parents and I unloaded the vehicles. The kids went swimming out to the swim platform, which was about 100 feet from shore and in about 10 feet of water. As we were unpacking for the week, I heard my oldest daughter, Bella, shout for me to come out right away, that she found an engine “like the ones at Pike fair” – at the bottom of the lake.

I was skeptical – to say the least – and went about unpacking. By now, her younger sister and older stepbrother were also calling me out. The lake was clearer than in years past, and they were using goggles and swimming around the chain that held the platform to the lake bottom. They were quite adamant, so I went for a swim, and indeed, there was an engine.