Sparta Economy Engine News

| November/December 1996

2 HP Economy Engines

Picture #1

20601 Old State Road Haubstadt, Indiana 47639

Trips to the Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show at Portland, Indiana and to the Old Threshers Reunion at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa revealed some interesting observations in regard to Hercules built engines.

At Portland there were many more than normal Hercules engines for sale in the vendor area. Two are of special interest. Pictured below are two 2 HP Economy engines. The one on the left is the seldom seen model D. The one on the right is the seldom seen early model E with the rolled hopper lip. More interestingly is the location of the tag which is on the top front of the hopper. Normally, the tag would be on the base below the igniter area on this style.

Some time ago an engine exhibitor said his ARCO engine originally had a round decal. This was never verified; however, the mystery may now be solved. Original engine number 262527, shown in Picture #2, has all the typical Hercules model F features. Apparently there was a request for ARCO brand engines so the oval ARCO decal was placed over the round Hercules decal. As time and fading have gone on, both the round and oval decal both show and the ARCO letters appear on the round decal.

Picture #3 shows an engine of Hercules origin that has had the water hopper removed and replaced with a section of pipe to form the tank-cooled type cylinder. The cooling tank located at the rear has been labeled 'CASE.'

The gas engine area at Mt. Pleasant also had three interesting engines of Hercules origin. Shown below is engine number 52047. It is an early model E Economy with the tag located on the base below the igniter area.