Sparta Economy Engine News

| August/September 1997

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During this last series of articles, much of the story of Sparta Economy engines had been told. There are a lot more illustrations, pictures and details that haven't been shown or written about. New bits and pieces of information keep popping up from time to time.

There are still unsolved mysteries in regard to the Sparta Economy engines. I am sure that there are still new pieces of information to be discovered and that there is information in hands of collectors that has yet to be shared.

To sum it all up, production of the Sparta Economy engines began at the Sears-owned Holm Machine Manufacturing Company in Sparta, Michigan, in the summer of 1909. Production continued until the early fall of 1913. In over four years of operation, some 33,000 engines were produced. There were five different models and as many as seven different horsepower sizes. In addition to the Sparta production, an estimated 3,000 Sparta type engines were assembled at Evansville, Indiana, after the move there in late 1913.

Parts peculiar to Sparta Economy engines are hard to come by, except for some repro parts and some generic parts. It seems that almost everyone who has a parts missing Sparta type engine is looking for the rest of the parts needed to make a complete engine. Luckily, many parts for the Sparta CX model will interchange with the later Hercules-built engines.

Of the 373 Sparta Economy engines that I am aware of, here is the breakdown according to horsepower.