| March/April 1972

Dayton Daily News & Radio's 'Joe's Journal'

It was 'Back Home Again in Indiana' for Ted Yoder and the Tri-Staters, along with thousands of other Hoosiers who congregated at the Portland, Ind., Fair-grounds for 'The Biggest Show of Its Kind', last August. But it was like being back 'In My Old Kentucky Home' for Carl Secchi, President of the Harrods-burg Blue Grass Show, watching his Hagan Engine run in the comforts of his favorite easy chair and the parlor rag rug.

For Ted Yoder--all muscle, some brain, and lots o' 'Go-Go'--the coming annual event of the big Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show offers a multiplicity of outlets for his diverse energies.

'This Ted Yoder is a workin' fool for the club--especially at the shows,' says Tri-State President, Woody Turner. 'He's a Dutchman--maybe a little stub-born--drinks his 'soda pop' from a nose-bag, but really top-notch and enthusiastic--a fine guy, a star of a fellow.' (WOW--This Woodrow can really say it. Keeps me hoppin' to write it. I'd have to bribe 'im twenty bucks to say that bout me.)

But the grapevine keeps giving it out that one Theodore Yoder of Linn Grove, Indiana, (west of Geneva), besides being one of the most 'work-a-brickle' of Tri-Slalers, is also one of the big show's most ardent advertisers.

'Ted's a great promoter--talks Tri-State wherever he goes,' continues Woody. (Here he goes again, faster than I can scribble.) 'Ted can do more things by himself than any guy I ever knew.'