South Jersey Gas Engine Show

| January/February 1988

Bicknell gas engines


256 S. Ave., Bridgeton, NJ 08302

The South Jersey Gas Engine Show was held September 26-27, 1987 at Joe Dunn's, State Highway 49, two miles east of Quinton, NJ. Weather was fine and a steady crowd came to see the displays. Gas engines turned many things, such as cornshellers, ice cream makers, grinding wheels, and so on. A two-man chain saw with a 36' bar was demonstrated. Other displays were many steam engines, automobiles, and outboard motors. A fine food tent topped off the day.  


I am doing research work for a story on the Bicknell gas engines made in Janesville, Wisconsin, for an upcoming issue of GEM, hopefully by spring. I am looking for collectors who own these engines also (I have a ? HP air-cooled). If you can give me any information on these engines, the company, or the owners of the company I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you own one of these engines please send a picture of it, as I am trying to catalogue all the engines left and their owners. Anyone who can help with this project will get a copy of my research when done.

As far as I know, only three styles of the Bicknell were made: the ? HP air-cooled; the two cylinder, two cycle; the one cylinder Perfection engine (see C.H. Wendel's book, Gas Engines since 1872, under Bicknell Mfg. and Supply Company). Please call or write:

Jeff Bartheld, 14018 NE 85th St., Elk River, MN 55330

Phone 9 PM to 11 PM weeknights and all day Saturday and Sunday: (612) 441-7059. 9 AM to 11 AM weekdays: (612) 428-2551. Good copies of original ads will be very helpful.