Automotive Spray Paint

| September/October 2003

  • SmokStak
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  • SmokStak

Can anyone tell me if automotive spray paint like Centauri has any advantages over canned spray paint? Also, what is the best brand of spray can paint to use for resistance to gas and heat? I'm not set up for a spray gun, so I'll likely be using a spray can for my Witte. -Chris

When I painted my Mogul I did not trust spray cans to be the correct color. I got the DuPont number and had spray cans mixed for me. It was expensive ($10 per can), but I feel it was worth it and the color is perfect. It will get soft with gasoline, so I need to coat it with clear. It went on great and looks great. - Al

I can tell you for certain that the cheap 98-cent Kelly Green from Wal-Mart will shift towards blue when exposed to 300-plus degrees F on steam lines. I use it anyway and just touch up the problem areas yearly. I've also had implement enamel from the local Farm & Fleet (IHC red) that actually peeled off in strips. If you spray bomb, Rustoleum is pretty good, except that you have to watch the second coat, it can and will react with the previous coat to give you a 'crinkle' finish. - Allen

There's a trick to spraying Rustoleum - read the fine print on the can. You cannot spray a new coat after one hour or before 48 hours. In other words, you have to get all of your coats sprayed within one hour or wait two full days before spraying another coat. If you do otherwise, you'll get the dreaded crinkles and then you will have to start all over again. - Harry

I noticed with Rustoleum that after maybe 10 years it peels off - leaving the primer intact and in great shape for the next paint job. You can brush paint Centauri, but don't do it if it's over 60 degrees F because it dries too fast. I know they tell you to paint when it's over 70 degrees, but I had good results painting my 8 HP Mogul with it when it was 40 degrees in the barn. The cold actually slowed down the drying so I could finish the job before the brush set up. You need to wear a good mask when you use the stuff; it's got some pretty unhealthy chemicals in it.

Probably the most important part of the paint job is the prep work. Everything must be clean and oil free. Spend as much time on it as you need to get it right and it will show in your finished work, no matter what you paint with. I have had good results with Demkote paint sold by Grainger's. Also, Krylon seems to be pretty good. Rustoleum, by far, takes the longest to dry. Good luck -Rob


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