Head Gasket Won't Seal!

| January/February 2002

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The following comes from a recent topic on SmokStak at Various individuals started, commented on and concluded the following bulletin board thread.

I have two Waterloo style engines, a Gault and a Majestic. They both make the water in the water hopper bubble on the compression stroke. I have put a new head gasket on the Gault and it still leaks when it is running, but I have not done anything to the Majestic. Neither of them have any cracks in the heads that I can see, but the old head gasket on the Gault showed a bad spot that was causing the leak. Now I cannot get the new gasket to seal completely. How can I get the head gasket to seal, or is there a proper procedure for this? - C.

You might try laying a straightedge across the head to see if you have any low spots. I'm not familiar with that type of head, but I have taken various heads and resurfaced them using a flat piece of glass and stick-on sand paper - if it isn't warped too bad. Just a thought. -Sam

Be sure you are not running out of good, clean threads on your head bolts before you are getting full clamping force on the gasket. Be sure the gasket mating surfaces are not severely pitted or warped. If the head bolt threads in the block open into the water jacket they need to have a sealer on the threads. If the head bolts have not been out recently and do not come out easily, they are probably sealed with rust. If there is heavy rust build-up on the studs at the block, it may be preventing good crush on the gasket. Lubricate the threads and the nut mating surface to the head so you do not get a false torque. - Ed

I always coat head gaskets with gun grease and let it soak in a while. It softens them up a little and keeps them from sticking if you have to remove the head. Never had any leak. - Glenn

I had a couple of head gaskets leak on old stationary engines. Know what I used? High-temp silicone sealer on the gasket. I have been running it for three years now with no problem. And yes, I do run it until the water steams so it is as hot as it can be. I used the blue silicone on one and the orange high temp on the other. Works great. - Steven


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