Maytag Won't Spark

| February/March 2002

  • SmokStak

  • SmokStak

The following comes from a recent topic on SmokStak, which can be found at Various individuals started, commented on and concluded the following bulletin board thread.

I need some advice on my Maytag twin. I have replaced the spark plugs, checked the contact for proper gap (.020), cleaned the inside of the flywheel and magneto, inspected the plug wires and tested it per the instructions found in the owner's manual. No spark. I was told that it had spark when I bought it, so I feel the problem might have occurred when I took it apart. I admit that I am a novice at this and may be missing something obvious. Suggestions? -Tom

You didn't mention it, did you change the condenser? What kind of shape is the coil in? - JD

Hi Tom. I would first suggest checking the condenser. You can use an Echlin FA 66 condenser available at NAPA parts stores. The bracket is different, but the condenser will work. It will run you $5. Next, check the spark on your coil by grounding the spark plug with the wire attached to the top of the fins. BE SURE TO ground the other wire. These coils where made of one piece of wire so if not grounded on both sides it goes looking for ground and will burn out the one side of your coil. Next, if you have spark at both sides try using a power drill with a socket to turn the crank shaft over. I'm not sure why this works, but I replaced a coil before and had similar problems, tried the drill after everything else could be checked and it started sparking. Good Luck - Lonnie

Since you say you feel it may have happened when taking it apart, check how you put the ring on the shaft that opens the points. It will be round, of course, with one side flat - I believe it is keyed. If put on turned around I am not sure it will open the points properly. - David

Have you tried cleaning the points? If it hasn't been run in awhile they may be oxidized. To clean, use emery paper or a points file, then drag a clean business card through to finish. You can check them with a continuity tester. With them closed you should get a reading. - Bob


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