Why Won't He Sell?

| December/January 2003

  • SmokStak

  • Sandwich engine
    Not for sale? Sitting Sandwich engine.

  • SmokStak
  • Sandwich engine

The following comes from a recent topic on SmokStak, which can be found on the Internet at: smokstak.cgi. As ever, various Individuals started, commented on and concluded the following bulletin board thread.

I first saw this Sandwich engine in 1976 when it was hauled to its present home. It hasn't been moved since, and it's sinking further down in the dirt. The owner won't part with it: he says he plans to run it someday. You've got to admire him for not giving up hope, but it's too bad he won't cover it up. - Dusty

Buy a tarp, some rope, go over there and offer to cover it for him. I understand this would be out of your pocket, but it'd be worth it, in my opinion. - Joe

He'll sell or trade it. You just haven't offered him something he wants. Visit with him regularly, talk to him, find out what he would like to have. Once this is known, then you can get the right trading material. This may take months or years, but it does work. I've traded dog food and chicken feed for engines, I've traded rifles for engines, I've traded a septic system for an engine. I've baled hay for a tractor, I've traded liquor for a threshing machine, and I've chopped tobacco for a tractor. People are funny, not everyone wants the cash. - Patrick

I have a nearly identical situation with a 6 HP IHC M I found by accident. It sits outside, which worries me. The last time I was over to 'talk engines' with the owner, I offered to buy a tarp and rope to cover it, and he said 'no.' Last week, I stopped by again with my brother - and by golly - the old timer had at least covered the low-tension magneto and run it in the last couple of weeks.

Dusty, that's a sweet-looking engine, and I would like to get my hands on it, too. As much as we all dislike it, we have to accept the fact that it's his engine to do with as he pleases. It's a pity: the odds are he will never do anything with it. If you want the darn thing, odds are you'll get it, but it takes persistence and patience.


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