Employing Engines For Their Original Use

| December/January 2001

  • Smokstak

  • Curtis Compressor
    John Ledbetter's cart-mounted Curtis compressor, powered by a 1- HP Fairbanks-Morse.

  • Smokstak
  • Curtis Compressor

The following comes from a recent topic discussed on SmokStak at Various individuals started, commented on and concluded this bulletin board thread.

After having my share of engines and other equipment, I think it's time to start having items running with my engines. I am sure they were used to power a lot of items. I don't know what they could be, but there are some of you who do. Please help me with some names of equipment that might work on my engine trailer. All my engines are in the 2-3 HP range. - Thanks, Ken

Just to name a few: Burr mills, grinders, water pumps, generators and fans. I love to have stuff to run with my engines - it lets people see what they were really used for! -Norm

There are lots of small machines that you could run, mostly limited by space and ingenuity. Some are common at shows, others not so. Some interesting items are: Butter churns, clover hullers, washing machines, saw rigs, water pumps, fanning mills, feed grinders, corn shellers, blowers, forage choppers, even ice cream makers and peanut roasters (you can sometimes make yourself some money with those, if the local club and health inspectors don't mind). Rube Goldberg machines that go 'round just for the sake of having something to run are seen more often as well. One contraption that people seem to enjoy is a bubble blowing machine, another is the teddy bear or flower go 'round, or Ferris wheel. - Allen

I have taken a wooden bull wheel out of a pump house to a show and run it with my 12 HP Pattin. I probably won't do this too many times just because it is such a pain to load on a trailer and move, but it does get a lot of attention at the show when there is a 10 FT wooden wheel turning by an engine. It also took a lot of room at the show to belt this setup. - Tom

Your last statement about the room it took to set it up is a good one. A person might also consider powering an air compressor. Then besides actually doing something with your engine, you could also blow your own whistle. That's one of my own goals. - Russ


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