Smoke Rings

| September/October 1984

GLENN BURROUGHS, 75 Hunting Lane, Goode, Virginia 24556 writes: 'I have a problem in restoring my 2 HP Economy engine and need some advice from your readers. The cylinder on my Economy is badly pitted and needs to be rebored. In order to get rid of the pits the cylinder would have to be bored .10 inches oversize. My problem is what to do about the piston. I haven't seen any ads in GEM for pistons that are oversized. How do your readers solve this problem? (By writing to us like you are and we put it in the Column perhaps someone will be able to help.) The standard size piston is 3 by 4' and somehow I need to increase its diameter by about 1/10'. Thanks for any help. All letters will be answered.'

'Just a few lines to say I really enjoy GEM and have every copy, except the one I loaned to a fellow to read and his house was caught in the big flood of Rapid City, South Dakota. Keep up the good work,' says HARRY BONNEMA, RFD4, Box 226, LeMars, Iowa 51031. 712-546-7489.

'We have some things we would like to ask the readers. First, I am restoring a David Bradley (Sears) garden tractor. What was the color green on the wheels? I had written one fellow whose picture was in the GEM, but got no answer. I wrote Sears and all I got was the red color they had, but I need to know the green color.

'Second, we are restoring a Plymouth tractor, on steel The Fate Root Heath Company, Plymouth, Ohio B166 Pat D91855, Model 1XA, 3x4, Engine 403477. We would like to know the year built, how many etc. What color is the main frame, looks like silver color. Were the wheels any different color? Was there any trim on the cast iron radiator grill? I go to many steam shows but have never seen one as yet. All information would help.' (According to Wendel's 'Encyclopedia of American Tractors', F-R-H brought out the Plymouth 10-20 in 1933 with a Hercules 1xA 4'cylinder, 3x4 motor. By 1935 the Plymouth was renamed 'Silver King', so your tractor probably was made between 1933 and 1935. Hopefully, another reader can provide more details. ed.)

'Thanks to you and GEM readers, I received several letters about my PFAU air compressor and now it is working fine,' writes LOU SHAFER, 7125 Clinton Hwy., Knoxville, Tennessee 37921. 615-947-6465.

He continues: 'I am having a problem with an engine and I need help. It is a Fairbanks Morse Style C, self-oiling, 7 HP at 600 RPM, 8 HP at 700 RPM. It has a date cast on the block of 6-7-48.