Smoke Rings

| September/October 1984

Smoke Rings

What's the best thing you can do in the summertime?? I guess I would get many answers from people in different walks of life, but I'll betcha most of the readers would say go to the reunions! You have engines, tractors, swap stories, good things to eat, all kinds of crafts, new ideas, solve your engine problems, buy more engines, enjoy each other with same hobbies, eat again, see good shows, be in parades, travel to more shows, and many more things have fun and don't forget to thank God for all the good things you have enjoyed and hope you make it another year!

And now onto some of the stories and letters that are inspired by the reunions

'My husband and I just purchased an Eagle 6B tractor. As far as we have been able to find out, they were built around 1936 by the Eagle Manufacturing Company of Appleton, Wisconsin,' writes MRS. EUGENE BERG, R.R.2, Wege Road, Appleton, Wisconsin 54915. 414-739-7098.

'We would like to gather as much background information as possible about the tractor and Eagle Manufacturing Company. We would like to know the original color and any information we can obtain.' (Any Eagle Scouts for tractors out there that might help these folks?)

ROBERT J. KUBISCH, 2111 Gil-bride Road, Martinsville, New Jersey 08836 writes: 'I have recently purchased a gas engine, but I am not sure of the make as nametag is missing. I have looked through Wendel's engine book and I came across one similar to mine. It may be a Consolidated Excelsior engine. The engine is hit and miss, has 36' flywheels, bore and stroke is 5 x 9'. Ignitor bolts to the cylinder head. Several parts missing but I should be able to get it running. What I need to know is color, HP, RPM, age and all information pertaining to this engine. I will answer all letters.'

'I have a few questions to ask of my fellow Smoke Ring readers and if you will please pass the answers along I'd appreciate it,' states ANDREW K. MACKEY, 26 Mott Place, Rocka-way Boro, New Jersey 07866. 201-627-2392.