Smoke Rings

| September/October 1979

Master Vibrator

This letter comes from H. L. RITTER, Route 5, Box 127, Fulton, New York 13069 as he writes: 'Hi Smoke Ringers! The thermometer here reads 94°. It is too hot to work so here I sit with a cool bottle of 7 UP, I do not use alcohol to drink, used to use it in the car radiator. Back to basics.

I have two buzz coils that are similar due to the fact they have only two connectors. There is no connection for high tension or spark plug wire. They both have a switch for battery off and magneto. Also a pull out plug on the side that shuts everything off when pulled out. I am sending rubbings of the nameplates. I do not know if they can be reproduced or not. If they can, the wizards of G.E.M. will do it.

Coil No. 1 is removable from case or box it was in, Master Vibrator- The KW Ignition Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

Coil No. 2 is not removable from box or case-C. Per Lee Noxon, Syracuse, N.Y. Can anyone tell me how and what they were used for?

 I have had good luck so far with stuck engines. I have had four and got three running (see ad). This summer I got a group of engines. One is STO 3 HP made by The Standard Scale & Supply Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is too big for me so will sell (see ad).

Speaking of alcohol, I use the aluminum beer cans for shim material. It works easy and is about the right thickness for most needs.