Smoke Rings

| September/October 1979

Hi! Hope you are enjoying your summer-and I hope this column is in order and makes some sense-we moved from our home of 30 years into a small brick ranch house-that is I thought we moved on July 14th- but somehow every time we go back to the old home, there is still SO many odds and ends to be brought up and this house looks smaller and smaller, that's what happens when you're a pack rat-as I am-1 must confess though I believe I've given half of the items away, sold quite a few at flea markets, friends, etc. and I've had many boxes of rummage items and also to Messengers of Mercy. They Shermansdale where everything is sorted and repaired and sent to the Applachian folks down Kentucky way. I just can't believe we are still not done moving-I'm sure by next issue things should be in better condition. Right now, nerves are short, tempers a bit touchy and bodies weary. But I'm sure we're going to love it-if we live long enough to get it settled. Say an extra prayer for us-Thanks!

WALT CELBY, R.R. 31, Cabot, Vermont 05647 would like to hear from anyone who has or knows of an Abenaque. His phone number is 802-563-2201.

A. H. SAYER, 106 South Road, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, England-'I have in my collection two American engines and I really would appreciate it, if any of your Gas Engine Experts could let me know the year of manufacture of these engines.

One is a Fairbanks Bulldog Type BD, 2? HP, No. B33094. The other is a Jumbo Model T, 1? HP, No. 4238.

If any of your readers are ever in England they are very welcome to look around my collection of some 40 engines. Keep up the good work with your excellent magazine.'

Seeking help is BERNIE SHEA, 1413 Antuna, Woodstock, Illinois 60098: 'I am restoring an 18-27 Oliver Hart Parr, serial number 103812, row crop. Could someone in Smoke Rings tell me what year this tractor was manufactured and any information on it?