Smoke Rings

| September/October 1975

WHEW! I love summer, but I don't think it loves me anymore -the heat has me drained of energy, but I think when I look around I'll have a lot of company in the same boat with me.

I just got the word we're to meet next Saturday at the church to make chicken corn soup to freeze for the upcoming sale at Earlene Ritzmans. 160 dozen ears of corn to husk and clean - now I can really say WHEW!! A large crowd is expected and we're starting now to prepare the meals - can't do it the day before, you know! Hope to see many of you September 27!

HAROLD GADDYE, R.R. 2, Binbrook, Ontario, Canada LOR 1CO sends us our first letter of this column as he says: 'In reply to Dale Wright of Hialeah, Florida about theĀ  Smoke Rings and where it was made. It was made in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The approximate time of the manufacture of engines would be from 1900 to 1930. They were made in sizes from 3/4 HP to 15 HP. Records of the engines have not been kept by Gilson since the engine line had been discontinued, so we have to use a little imagination as well as talk to some of our elders to find out about the age of engines. The Gilson plant still makes refrigerators and washing machines, also other small articles. In their early days, they made a good line of farm machinery, silos, stable equipment, drag saws - to name a few.

The Gilson engines were never made in the vertical models, but made a good durable horizontal engine from beginning to end.

In this area, the engines are fairly common, particularly in the smaller sizes of up to 3 HP as they were used mainly for orchard sprayers and pumping.

My collection of over 175 engines includes five Gilsons up to 10 HP. I also have two engines we call 1-1/2 HP as pictured in the July-August magazine that are duplicate engines.