Smoke Rings

| September/October 1973

Hi! -- you out there in all the hot summery days -- guess where I just came from -- a Christmas party -- yeh, that's right! A Christmas party in July! My hubby and I received an invitation in the mail about two weeks ago, had Christmas seals on it and inside it stated: 'Come to the Christmas party at Naomi and Roy

Glessner's (Roy used to draw the cartoons for the I.M.A. -- some of you will well remember). Bring something wacky to hang on the tree and a silver offering will be taken up later for the Salvation Army.'

We had a good time -- Roy and Naomi claimed they never get to see all the friends they plan to at Christmas and therefore hit on the idea of having a get-together now when there was more time. One gal even came in her winter coat and had her ice skates slung over her shoulder. (That was Mary Egan, a good skate (pun) -- some of you folks know Mary and Dave Egan also, as they attended quite a few reunions with Earlene in the past years). Earlene was at the party also. I think the names mentioned are the only ones some of you might know.

The trimmings brought were bright, some were useful and some were just useless and hilarious. We all brought Christmas gifts for the Glessners, wrapped in the Yuletide trimmings . . . much to their surprise. BUT did we get a surprise when we stepped into their basement; it was absolutely beautiful! There were four tables bedecked in Christmas decor -candles burning and greens abounding as they were gracefully surrounding the centerpieces. We all stood in a circle holding hands to sing our Grace. The meal was scrumptious, preceded by pink sherbert punch and cheese and crackers. Following this was meat loaf, baked macaroni, fresh peas and green beans, cranberry sauce, several types of relishes and garnishes, bread, butter, coffee, iced tea and after we had gorged ourselves on the delicious dinner, we went out into their beautiful woodsy yard where a huge pine tree had been trimmed with all the wacky gifts and of course Christmas lights and as it got dark, the lights were turned on and we sat around singing Christmas hymns, while holding our lighted 'punks' to keep the bugs away -get the picture - well, it was quite heartwarming, if it does seem strange.

Above is a 'Coey' engine, according to literature I have and is called 'Little Surprise'. Received literature through Carleton Mull who had a write-up on it in one of the G.E.M. issues. It is a 4 cycle hit and miss with buzz coil and spark plug. It is unique in that the flywheel rims are round in profile and have only five spokes.

After hymns, talking and bugs, we went inside again to have dessert - which consisted of fruit cake, red Jello Christmas pudding and sugar cookies and even all kinds of salted nuts, done like they are at Christmas. Mmmmm- no one counted calories!