Smoke Rings

| November/December 1983

Hi! That hot summer is gone and we're into fall and football games, high school bands and bonfires, snow's a'coming, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holiday time-enjoy it for another year. With engines shedded and bedded down for next year's reunions, you can have fun reminiscing about the past summer and all those good times you had- and prepare for more in '84.

An interesting letter comes from DAVID E. GRIM, 2615 East River Road, Newton Falls, Ohio 44444 as he states : 'Since I wrote my original letter, July/Aug 1982, page 17, I have met several other Brownwall owners and several have written to me, one from Vermont who has an identical sister and another from Fort Erie, Ontario who relayed some very useful information.

'My engine was quite possibly built as the manual says in Holland, Michigan as the name was not cast into the flywheels. As for serial numbers, there are none in the usual crankshaft ends. But, if they were lightly hand stamped, the weather may well have taken its toll.

'The engine was probably green with blue flywheels as some Canadians were that were sold by L. A. Lister in England and Canada. It was built between 1914 and 1924. My Brownwall came with a National magneto which is inoperable and is now fired on a battery and buzz box.

'Because of transportation difficulties and a late start I only took it to one show. A few recognized her style immediately. Some had heard of them and many just interested folks asked the name. I must admit that it draws much interest, especially since I find it is complete as originally sold with the exception that the water tank cover has not been found.

'I would like to compile as much information as I possibly can including present owners, sizes, S/N's, locations, values and pictures. My sources tell me they have only seen about a dozen of the 12,000 produced.