Smoke Rings

| November/December 1982

Smoke Rings

Well, here we are heading fast down the path to the New Years I look back on 1982, for me, there were quite a few personal conflicts, but we must believe as Romans 8:28 tells us' All things work together for good to those that believe in God and are called according to His purpose'. And so, trying to engrave that in my heart and soul I'm looking forward to the New Year of '83 and His purposes for me.

Beautiful events took place also this year as we celebrated Tom's graduation from High School. That is the fifth and youngest of our children that God has blessed us with and we're happy for him and wish him the very best kind of future. Also our five children gave us a surprise 40th Wedding Anniversary and it was that a complete surprise, which I still don't understand they could never pull that on us before as I always got an inkling of it through their looks or little words dropped unexpected lyoh well, they really did it this year and we appreciate it, and God bless each one of them. And now, on to the many communications that need only to be read for enjoyment, digested for educational satisfaction or answered to help your fellow hobbyist.

DAVID R. AIKENS, R.D. #2, Edinboro, Pennsylvania 16412 asks: 'I am wondering if anyone has a mix for IHC green used on the M series engines? I know it was blue-green, but don't know where to start in with colors.

'I also would like to thank Ted Straka and Russ Houseknecht for their invaluable help in restoring my 6 HP Ellis.

'Also, would Al Wait write me please? I don't have his address.'

'I have a Busy Boy air-cooled engine, 1 HP #2C5300. I need to know the original color and if it had any striping. Also need to know what the original gas tank was like.