| November/December 1979

Smoke rings

Hi Friends! Well, here it comes- the last issue for the year 1979 and as you all know each year seems to be shorter-(that's really a way to tell we're getting older-but don't spread that word around.) I hope you've all been happy touring the country to the shows-I'll bet the gas crisis made some changes in vacation plans-but do hope you made it to some of the activities. And this being the Holiday issue-you better get moving on those Christmas presents and I'll get moving onto the letters we have

From BILL GROWCOCK, 1312 Kathy Street, Van Wert, Ohio 45891 a letter stating: 'I have just acquired my first gas engine and need some assistance in restoring it. The nameplate on the engine says The Ideal Gas and Gasoline Engine, Ideal Motor Company, Lansing, Michigan. It is a 2? HP upright, water-cooled, serial number 2902.

My problem is that I have been unable to find any information about. the engine. I have been to three different gas engine association shows, but have found no one who can tell me anything about my Ideal-other than the fact that it is similar to a Novo upright. Vic Lippi of Van Wert suggested I might be able to get more help from the magazine.

I need any information on the Ideal Company. Also need to know how to hook up ignition to the engine. It has an igniter and an old coil which was with the engine. And how many volts are needed? The engine appears to be dark green with red striping. Are these the original colors??' (Hope you buddies can help George-but again people I must tell you when you write letters for this column, I cannot print any items you want to buy- that must come in to the office in the form of a classified ad at 10? per word.)

Other Ideal engines are presented as the picture comes from JIM HICKEY, 1333 El Rey Avenue, El Cajon, California 92021: 'See my picture of an Ideal engine collection.

Each of these three air-cooled Ideal engines is a different size. From top to bottom: the flywheel sizes are 12?', 11' and 10'. Bore and stroke dimensions are: 4 x 4, 3? x 4, and 3 x 3. Most of the castings will not interchange. I wonder if there are any other sizes??'