| November/December 1978

T. W. EDWARDS, 310 So. Market Street, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania 17552 has an ad under Wanted classified this issue and also sends along this letter: 'I am interested in obtaining information on the Edwards gas engine. I have seen a couple at shows and they have been two cylinder, hopper-cooled, throttle governed engines of about 3 HP size. Could any reader tell me if this is the only engine they made-what years were they in business-and at what location? I have written several of GEM's classified advertisers in trying to buy one, but no luck so far. I would appreciate any information.'

MR. AND MRS. REINHART LINKERT, 12079 Pilot Knob Road, Apple Valley, Minnesota 55124 talks through this medium to the readers: 'We own an old Minneapolis tractor which my husband thinks is a late 1920's model. We know it is prior to 1929. Our search so far has revealed that it is an experimental model that was built at Hopkins, Minnesota. The original owner picked up the tractor at the factory and drove it home to Savage, Minnesota.

My husband purchased it in 1950. The tractor has 30-50 stamped on the front and we have always thought this to be the number indicating the horsepower. The tractor is still on steel lugs. I understand that it has a Stearns motor and a Bosch magneto.

We would like to repaint the tractor to its original paint colors if we identify them. The tractor runs very well and my husband has used it in antique tractor pulling contests. We certainly would appreciate hearing from someone.'

MORRIS BLOMGREN, Route 1, Siren, Wisconsin 54872 asks: 'Does anyone remember these pictures of the Pioneer tractor threshing and cutting grain. Also does anyone know the hitch used to pull seven binders behind one tractor?'

RONALD McALLISTER, 7945 Luann, Saginaw, Michigan 48603 says: 'I am new to gas engine collecting and enjoy your magazine very much. Enclosed find picture of a gas engine I recently acquired. I would like to know what it is and any information concerning it; especially what type of ignition is used. It appears to have been originally painted red, flywheels are approxmately 12' x 21/8' and overall length, approximately 24'. Sure would appreciate any possible help.'