| November/December 1978

All kinds of greetings to the Gas Engine Family as you are through another season of Reunions and are already planning with that gleam in your eye for the future year-did you really find some beauties to purchase this year? Or a rare engine to encourage your mechanical abilities in restoring same? Or perhaps an interesting story on how you  found your engine and what fun hours you had restoring it? We're waiting to share all these bits of interest with the G.E.M

And now to the letters, and we have many-ROBERT M. BANKS, 11, Warm brook Lane, Chapel-En-Le-Frith, Stockport, England S.V 126 NL tells us: 'I am seeking information about an engine built by the Mianus Motor Works, Stand ford Connecticut, U.S.A The engine is a 7? HP single cylinder 2 storke marine engine, No.30901. I' d like to know the requirements. The type of ignition fitted as this has low tension points as well as a spark plug in the cylinder head and a high tension mag driven by a gear wheel between engine and gear bore. For what type of craft were these engines normally used? This engine was not found in a boat, but crated up in a packing case in the basement of a cotton mill.

Would anyone have a history of the Mianus Motor Works that would divulge some information?

Thank you for the interesting and entertaining reading available in the G.E.M.'

CHUCK HIATT, Orion, Illinois 61273 pens this: 'Thought I'd drop a line to let you know how much I enjoy the Gas Engine Magazine and especially Smoke Rings column. I know lots of people get help from it.

I've become interested in the history of the Root & Vandervoort Engineering Company which made the R & V engines. I've found some information on the company and would like to hear from anyone who knows something about their history so I can write an article for G.E.M. Thanks much and keep up the good work.' (Thanks for the boost, Chuck, and I think you'll be getting some letters from the gas buffs).