Smoke Rings

| November/December 1977

JOHN BECK, Star Route 2, Bismarch, North Dakota 58501 writes: 'I hope one of your readers has an Adams, one cylinder, 2 cycle, railroad engine, as I have the same and need much information. Some of the parts are missing, but I have the carb and enough else there to get it running some day. If someone could lend me a photo of a complete engine with the original 3-wheeled running gear would be a big help.'

A young enthusiast writes: 'I am 15 years old and own my own magneto repair business. I was wondering if anybody out there in GEMland has any information on magneto coil winding and magnet recharging? I run stuck whenever somebody needs this done, and there isn't anyone out here in Lynden that knows how.

Any correspondence I get will be answered. While I'm on the subject, I also have just finished restoring my 1938 John Deere AR that I received two years ago.' (This letter comes from JOHN D. MAAS, JR., 8311 Guide Meridian, Lynden, Washington 98264. Sure hope you veterans in this business can give John a helping hand.)

H. L. RITTER, Route 5, Box 127, Fulton, New York 13069 says: 'Hi Smoke Ringers! I have asked questions before and got many good answers, so I have another - I have a Fuller Johnson pump engine. It had a broken crankshaft. I got another one. The manual says the connecting rod gets lubricated from a grease cup on end of crankshaft.

There is no hole for a cup nor is there a hole in crank throw for grease to come out. How do I lubricate the connecting rod?' (There's another letter for you to write, Fellas! Thanks for being so helpful.)

LEON DEFFERDING, Route 2, Black Creek, Wisconsin 54106 tells you: 'I am sending you a photo of my side shaft gas engine which I bought a few years ago. It is an air-cooled Marvel 5 HP, Serial #114, manufactured by the Marvel Motor Works, Kewaunee, Wisconsin. I had it to three shows in Wisconsin this summer and it ran very well all day. It runs on a Model T spark coil with a gas fuel pump and has 3 drip oilers and 3 grease cups which are all brass.