Smoke Rings

| November/December 1977

  • It is a Double Strength Beam Brush

  • Use in soil where there are many large rocks

  • It is a Double Strength Beam Brush
  • Use in soil where there are many large rocks

ALLEN HABERMAN, 14321 Josephine Road, Largo, Florida 33540 is asking for help: 'I am a gas engine buff with my collection, but I am going to do serious research into this. I want to know if any readers can help me, by allowing me to benefit from their experience. If an intake and exhaust manifold is made in one casting, using the exhaust gases to heat this combination manifold, what problems will I run into switching to kerosene, after starting on gasoline? My idea is to run the twin passages together, with a thin separation, for at least 12 inches, hoping this heat will vaporize the kerosene enough for proper combustion. Please write me if you have any information.'

A letter came recently from ALVA M. McCOY, 5128 N. Cannon, Spokane, Washington 99208 - 'I have this gas engine, a Paradox from the Ohio Electric Company. I have tried propane in every way I can think of and would greatly appreciate any help from anyone who might have any idea as to how to get it to run.' (Any help, Readers?)

DICK GIBBENS, Route 2, Box 175, Schriever, Louisiana 70395 explains: 'I've just acquired a Rock Island 1? HP hit and miss, S.N. A59210 open crank engine. It has a Webster tri-polar magneto with make and break ignition. I would greatly appreciate hearing from someone with information on this engine as it is very interesting and runs well.

I also have an F-M 'N' 12 HP, an F-M 'E' marine and several Z's and Lockwoods. I treasure my engines and G.E.M.'

Here is a letter from KEN DAWSON, Anoka Engine Club Annex, 1311 19th Street, South, Moorhead, Minnesota 56560 who has some information and also wants some letters from you: 'I have been collecting engines for going on two years. One of the engines I have is a Taylor vacuum engine made in Elgin, Illinois April 9, 1929. I am trying to get a history of this company together with a record of how many of these engines are still around. If you have a Taylor, could you drop me a line sending the following information: Serial number {stamped on right side of block), HP rated 1, 1?,2; Style A, B, C; number of spokes 5-6 or tear drop style; number of oilers, 1 or 2; date of manufacture (on bottom right side of block), rotary mag or Wico EK.

Also any light sketches of decals these engines had. If you have what you think to be a Taylor, but it has no serial number on the block, please send a description. Taylor sold engines to two other companies I know of, Universal Milk Machine Co., Albert Lea, Minnesota (printed International Red) AND Empire Cream Separator Co. of Connecticut (painted a lighter John Deere green). Any information on your engines would be greatly appreciated.' (I need say no more - if you have this type of engine, please send him the data.)


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